KE jetronic questions

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KE jetronic questions

Beitragvon Belgianbikepower » 12. Okt 2017, 22:03

Hallo an alle!

I'm working on a 190E 2.5-16v KAT. I've done a lot of work on maintenance and mechanical problemes. Currently I'm still looking to restore lost horsepower and a stable idle speed.

I've been reading a lot of manuals on how to diagnose the KE jetronic. Still, I have some questions about that. I've remove the AFM (luftmengemesser) there was a lot of dirt and oil in it. I noticed the baffle plate is a bit high up IMO. When I cheched it in the light, I saw this:

Is it necessairy to reset the baffle plate? How?

Next, The air bypass is removed also. This seems not to shut also. Broken or normal?

Is it necessairy to set CO with the Lambdacontrol?

Finaly, I was messuring resistance OHM on the airflow potentiometer. In between contacts 1-3 I'm messuring 3,8 kOhm (normal). In between contacts 1-2 I'm messuring infinite Ohm... When deflecting the baffle plate, nothing changes. Is the potentiometer broken???

Thanks a lot! You can answer in German as well.

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